Janix Insurance Group was founded on the principle of providing our clients with unparalleled customer service. That’s what we believe our office is all about... Helping people like you.

Our Mission

We believe what sets us apart from other insurance professionals is how insightful and perceptive our associates can be at understanding the needs of our clients. Our goal is to educate our clients to help them protect against risks in their personal and business lives, prepare for emergencies and plan today for a life of financial security tomorrow.

Our Promise

  • Our pledge of confidentiality

  • A custom insurance plan

  • Choice of coverage options

  • Proactive customer service

  • Claims counseling

  • Professional advice and recommendations

  • Annual account review

  • Multi-policy discounts and credits

  • Innovative technologies to communicate efficiently and quickly with you

  • Valuable updates regarding the market and coverage scenarios

  • Contact us at (609) 318-0911 today to schedule an appointment with our staff and receive your FREE quote today. 

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Alexander Awerbuch

Founder & Principal

Office: 609.318.0911 ext: 100

Direct: 609.789.0881


I entered the insurance industry intending to educate my clients and provide them with customer service, which they have never had before. I wanted not just to write them a policy I wanted to know about their life and make sure that I am protecting every aspect of it.

I started down this path over three years ago now with the largest Agency in Charleston, SC. As I progressed with my knowledge and my relationships with my clients grew, I started to get frustrated that I only had one option for them, and when that option was no longer able to provide them with the protection, they needed I lost them as a client. It was the loss of the money that hurt it was that I connected with these clients. I cared about them and knew that if I had more options, I could have provided them with the service I had promised them, and than they could have counted on me for everything for years to come.

It was time to open my own Agency. I wanted to be an independent agent so that I could provide my customers with options that not only fit their budget but provided them with the protection I know that they would need to give them peace of mind if something were to happen.

I have built my agency around education, information, protection and relationships. That's what you can expect when you work with Janix Insurance.


We are looking for the right people. Our fast paced, motivating, positive, fun, and competitive atmosphere makes our agency a great place to work.  We offer impressive commission structures, incentives, bonuses, paid time off, and the ability to make a positive impact each day in the lives of others. No insurance experience required to apply. Through our training and development systems we will provide you with the tools you will need to reach your goals.

Positions We Consider

  • Full-Time & Part-Time In-Office Producer

  • Remote Licensed Producers

Our Office

Janix Insurance Group

1 Rossmoor Dr. 

Unit #130A

Monroe Twp., NJ 08831

P: (609) 318-0911

F: (201) 581-1906


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Janix Insurance is an independent insurance agency helping clients save money and increase their coverage by offering insurance through many different carriers. Talk with us today to see how we can help you in your situation.

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